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The real estate business typically don’t require as much experience and don’t require as much schooling because smaller companies typically deal where smaller investments I’m there the nature their businesses on are less sophisticated level doesn’t mean that the smaller companies.

I’m any less successful so I think it really depends on what the candidate is interested in the long run certainly having some level of experience with large firm on is beneficial on although since we’re on in our business we’re on a small farm sometimes we find candidates that have experience with larger firms and it’s we have to really teach them or they have to relearn some other things that would help them be successful one our business it’ll anything in the real estate business that will give them exposure will be helpful start at the bottom and that might actually mean I’m not sitting behind the desk mom.

Property Valuation Report Brisbane Working on the telephone it might mess might be working in the field might actually be someone willing to on put on a tool belt and work alongside somebody in maintenance for a year or two to understand the nature of how the business is actually run so I would say don’t set your sights too high pomp take something that will give you experience and be patient this is a people business and I would look at a candidate very are strongly who has outside interests whether they be I’m social activities or whether it be community involvement or whether it whether.

It’s hobbies that allow the person to interact with other people I’m all sorts of levels successful candidates are people that wanna be in our business have to be able to communicate with people all strata evolves social strata and be able to communicate well with them and understand what their needs are everyone and welcome to talk to the experts property Dutch investors don’t got up and said today we have with us rename it clean for property in depth broken franchise today we’ll speak with the net about the difference between cuts will this capital gains.


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