Do you know about Real Estate Valuation Process?

Their job is to figure out the relative Value of each property in their county so they can tax it making tax it is a percentage of the values as long as uh. what type of his as well say if it’s a duplex. which could be considered commercial versus single-family home it’s worth it tax assessor’s or literally putting a tax appraisal on every property every single one some look at that site all the tax appraisal that must be a good sources value well we tell you what happens.

The tax break for the first thing is most homeowners one only to share every bit of news with tax assessor’s over today at nine hundred square feet of form of an extra bedroom and bathroom remain conveniently not tell the tax assessor. why so they can keep their tax assessment lower so they can pay less taxes also in certain states there are homestead’s or other kinds of policies.

Which as you own the property you collect. that tax appraisal can only go by i a certain amount each year as a maximum and what happens is over the course of many years that tax appraisal to black way behind the real value. since so tax appraisals candy layoff and that also the tax assessor’s doesn’t put the number of bedrooms bathrooms square footage and that sort of information as part of their assessment but they get that wrong all the time because they rarely get axis inside.

A property and like i said before most property owners try to pushed down probably bedrooms and bathrooms they have is an abuse their overall tax appraisal talent recorder’s office is in both the records the Richard Nixon in Teases her these two you know comprised county records it’s not a records can be went off that makes sense object so terribly off where i get your work address information from the at Lipsanos lessons the hopeful listing service

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