Clarifications On Valuation

It will actually say what the discounted rate is I’ve noticed some suburbs don’t say it so I’m not sure if that that is because there’s no discounting recently or they don’t have enough data to get like a sort of a figure fort but most suburbs do show it I believe you can also sign up for a free trial with the RP data room with them that will actually show it on there as well now I should also mention that I’m not affiliated with either of those companies also alright so once you’ve actually gone through and you’ve looked at.

comparable that are you know very similar to that property and you have some idea you also need to do comparison by yield so in order to compare the yield of the property and-look at what other properties are worth in a relative we need to actually compare the yield and to calculate that we get the current wrench that you’d expect to get multiply that by for the amount of weeks.

in the year and then divide that by the price now the yield should be as good as com parables or very similar and if not something Property Valuation Sydney is wrong obviously the price you’re paying is too high or the markets moved up a lot and the yields that you’ve seen you know-we’re available and not there anymore but the yield should be very similar to what you’re saying transact recently sole’s say the ones that have sold recently have six and a half percent yield based on what you can see that that currently rent for and what they transacted at you’d want to get a yield close to that so let’s say six.

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